Host Organization Announcement

Host Organization Announcement

The Cambodian Sustainable Intensification Farmer-to-Farmer Program will be implemented by the University of Tennessee (UT) in partnership with the Center​ of Excellence​​ on Sustainable Agricultural Intensification and Nutrition (CE SAIN).  We will pursue a strategy of diversification for smallholder farmers through demand-driven volunteer placements with Cambodian host-organizations. Our objective is to strengthen the capacity of smallholder farmers, farmer organizations, and agriculture institutions to sustainably intensify the food system in Cambodia.

We plan to engage host-organizations and communities around target value chains in vegetables, fruit, rice and livestock to identify priority areas for technical assistance.  This will help ensure strong buy-in from hosts as they commit resources to supporting assignments. 

The University of Tennessee will recruit volunteers from within the university, from state, regional, and national extension networks and from the private sector. Volunteers will complete clearly defined assignments to address specific needs of the host organization within an overarching strategy of diversifying production, increasing income and improving nutrition. 

Host Organization Responsibilities:

  • Identify and Clearly State the technical assistance needs
  • Develop Scope of Work with CE SAIN’s Farmer to Farmer Placement Coordinator
  • The technical assistance needs from Host Organization is well-defined and achievable within the scope of a volunteer placement (2-3 Weeks)
  • Complementary Support for volunteer assignment (Demonstrate commitment to and support of the program to meet the volunteer’s logistical needs)
  • Host staff have adequate time set aside to work with the volunteer and to implement the volunteer’s recommendations
  • The ability to utilize technical assistance and adopt technical recommendations
  • Open and willing to cooperate with F2F to assess the impact of the volunteer assignment upon and the post activity of the volunteer assignment
  • Safety and security for the volunteer

Host Organization Qualification:

  • Have a vision of improving sustainable agriculture
  • Works with direct beneficiaries of farmers
  • In need of technical support related to agricultural techniques (need driven)
  • Have resources or technical staff to host the field day/volunteer

Contact Details:

Placement Coordinator: Neang Monysanita

Phone: 078 409 406


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