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Lecture on “1st 1000 Days: Critical Window of Opportunity for Maternal and Child Nutrition”

December 27, 2017: The Center of Excellence on Sustainable Agricultural Intensification and Nutrition (CE SAIN Cambodia) of Royal University of Agriculture, (RUA) facilitated a lecture on “1st 1000 Days: Critical Window of Opportunity for Maternal and Child Nutrition” by Dr Melissa Young.

Dr. Melissa Fox Young is an Assistant Professor at Emory University who specializes in the areas of maternal nutrition, breastfeeding and child nutrition across the first 1000 days.  She has training from Cornell University in human nutrition, epidemiology, community nutrition and applied economics. Dr. Young’s experience ranges across the spectrum from biochemical/clinical nutrition to implementation research and design and evaluation of public health nutrition programs and policies. She has extensive experience working with high-risk populations across a diverse range of cultures and populations.

The lecture shared an overview of the Global Nutrition during the First 1000 days and discussion on both the importance of maternal and child nutrition, and summary on global situation and solutions. It also provided other important information, including effective maternal nutrition strategies to reduce low birth weight, women life stage specific dietary requirements, effective maternal nutrition strategies for reducing anemia, consequences of Iron deficiency/anemia, and case studies in India and Bihar. Presentation slide Pdf



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