External Advisory Board and Science Committees

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External Advisory Board

The role of an external advisory board is to provide strategic advice to the RUA administration and Center Director on the full ranges of CE SAIN activities to achieve its vision and mandate. The members of the board will be representatives from Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) and Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS), General Directorate of Agriculture (GDA), Private Sector, Farmer Organizations, International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD),Centre de coopération internationale en recherche agronomique pour le développement (CIRAD), United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Feed the Future Sustainable Intensification Innovation Lab (SIIL).

Science Committees

Science Committee consisting of 5 to 6 members will evaluate research proposals of students and scholars. The committee will also oversee the competitive process of receiving concept notes for the human and institutional capacity needs. These will include scholars and request for equipment. In addition, the committee will also evaluate and identify the various technologies that should be highlighted in various TPs. The science committee will seek advice from RUA Administration and External Advisory Board as necessary. The science committee is required to convene at frequent intervals and advise the CE SAIN staff and RUA advisory board. In addition, when appropriate it will also discuss with external advisory committee. It will keep USAID and SIIL informed.