Hang Mengsreak

Hang Mengsreak

Aquaculture Technical Officer


(+855) 96 378 1831 / 67 554 067

Mr. Hang Mengsreak serves as an Aquaculture Technical Officer at the Center of Excellence on Sustainable Agricultural Intensification and Nutrition (CE SAIN). He studied for 2 years in the Agricultural with Agrostudies internship program in Israel, and he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Fisheries Science at the Royal University of Agriculture (RUA) in 2022. He has various experiences related to the field of Aquaculture, and he also used to be the Aquaculture intern of the Commercialization of Aquaculture for Sustainable Trade project (CAST) at the Center of Excellence on Sustainable Agricultural intensification and Nutrition (CE SAIN).

As an Aquaculture Technical Officer at CE SAIN, Mengsreak work as a caretaker of aquaculture facility in the project site, and he’s also responsible for establish and make regular facility inspections to maintain the proper aquaculture demonstration and research activities for the project, manage fish health and welfare throughout all tasks, document and log day-to-day activities, lead in organization of meetings, trainings, workshops for CAST project, maintain calendar of the all events at the aquaculture pond, report activities at the fishpond to CAST Project Coordinator, distribute communication materials provided by the project to farmers and visitors, attend weekly and monthly meeting and share project progress to the field team, be a focal person for CAST project and manage good communication with local, prepare budget expenditure for CAST project in the respective province, authorities and other stakeholders, manage the procurement process, register and dispose project’s asset and inventory as required by CE SAIN policy, examine the M & E tools in order to effective collection of field data and update it accordingly, and write successful stories and preparing report to line manager.