Hok SokNeou

Hok SokNeou

Provincial Agricultural Coordinator


(+855) 98 282 807/88 656 0028

Mr. Hok Sokneou serves as the Provincial Agricultural Coordinator for Agricultural Technology Park (ATP) of CE SAIN based in Mondulkiri. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in veterinary medicine from the Royal University of Agriculture (RUA). Before joining CE SAIN, he used to work as a Senior Veterinary Officer at Fauna and Flora International in Koh Kong Province.

In the role of Provincial Agriculture Coordinator, Sokneou is responsible for updating all activities and conducting reports to Agricultural Technical Manager, leading all farm research, demonstrating and promoting CE SAIN’s activities, and building good relations with implementing partners and beneficiaries in the local communities. He is also responsible for preparing documents and logging day-to-day activities, maintaining the ATP, providing technical support, supervising subordinate staff and beneficiaries for demonstration and outreach activities, and leading the organization of meetings, workshops, field days, training, and other events in the ATP.