Mr. Las Brorsoeur (Mr.)

Las Brorsoeur (Mr.)

Human Resource and Administration Officer
(+855) 89 739 688

Mr. Las Brorsoeur serves as Human Resource and Administration Officer of CE SAIN. He earned his Bachelor Degree in Education from University of Cambodia and he is also pursuing his Master Degree in Educational Administration at University of Cambodia. Mr. Brorsoeur has experienced in human resource and administration within organizations including Hagar International Foundation and Riverkids Foundation.

Mr. Brorsoeur will manage on Human Resource and Administration to support all employees throughout CE SAIN activities. For instance, he will lead many important roles on procurement process to ensure the effective cost, transparency and accuracy with following CE SAIN or donor policies, manage on CE SAIN assets to make sure all the purchase is compliance with CE SAIN or donor policies, manage on office supplies and stationery, logistic arrangement for training or workshop events, manage on suppliers contract agreement, CE SAIN fleet management, etc. Furthermore, he also update human resource policies for CE SAIN, manage on employee/intern contract, work environment, leave management, employee personal profile and so on in term of human resource functions.