Ngim Leakena (Ms.)

Ngim Leakena (Ms.)

Administrative and Accountant Officer
(+855) 96 266 4533

Ms.Ngim Leakena serves as an Administrative and Accountant officer of CE SAIN. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from the Vanda Institute. She experienced in accounting at both companies SMR and ASP, including producing the financial reports,tax declares, admin/logistic support.

Leakena’s duties at CE SAIN include as follows: She ensures the administrative and procurement work is smoothly implemented, ensure office asset and inventory of the project are properly register and managed, Assist business manager ensuring CE SAIN financial system (accrual, payment, data entry) to be effectively implemented, transparent and accountable manner, Provide technical assistance to Center Secretary to organize lecture series, BA. scholarship matters, international workshop and conference as requested by PM and others, Ensure CASF project and CAST project properly comply with CE SAIN and donors’ policy and requirements, and other task assigns by supervisor/management.

Email: | Mobile: (+855) 12 795 789