Nou Kimsong

Nou Kimsong (Mr.)

Project Coordinator
(+855)10 910 651

Mr. Nou Kimsong serves as Program Officer for CE SAIN. He first started with CE SAIN as Project Officer for the Farmer to Farmer project. His main role is to support the Program Manager to administer and monitor the Lecture Series Program, Thesis Research Support Program, Scholarship Program, Laboratory Improvement Program, and some parts of the Research and Innovation Program against donor’s requirements. He also works closely with the Program Manager in coordinating and submitting beneficiary reports and documents for M&E purposes. Additionally, he assists the Program Manager and Development Manager in developing the M&E system for CE SAIN as well as providing the support to coordinate CE SAIN Agriculture Networking Program.

Kimsong earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Agronomy Science from the Royal University of Agriculture. He has experience in project implementation with NGOs where he performed his career magnificently to support day-to-day project activities and development. He also had a chance to engage in livelihood activity, community development, agricultural development, and cross-culture volunteering