Penh Phanith

Penh Phanith (Mr.)

Development Manager
(+855) 12 795 789

Penh Phanith serves as Development Manager of CE SAIN. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Management from the National University of Management (NUM) and Master’s Degree in Management from the Royal University of Law and Economics (RULE). He was a key component of the USAID HIV/AIDS Flagship Project, which was to strengthen management capacity, technical excellence, and innovations in community HIV, health, and development responses since 2010. He has managed of Sub-Grants to Sub-Sub Recipients (SSRs) and monitored project results of SSRs based on the approved work plan, budget plan, and M&E plan.

Phanith is responsible for creating business opportunities, establishment partnership for RUA/CE SAIN with multi-stakeholders such as universities, USG partners and local and international development agencies, foster environment collaboration and ensure CE SAIN is effective complied with donor’s requirements. He is also responsible for all M&E matters. He will provide technical advice to the program team on MEAL, design data collection methodologies, tools and compiling report for submission and frequency advice to the staff to ensure all project information are proper record and filed.