Sar Pisey

Sar Pisey (Mrs.)

Project Coordinator
(+855) 15 737 333

Mrs. Sar Pisey first served as Center Secretary of CE SAIN. After four years of performance, she was promoted to Program Officer in November 2019. She administers and monitors the progress of the Lecture Series Program, Thesis Research Support Program, Scholarship Program, Laboratory Improvement Program, and some parts of the Research and Innovation Program against the donor’s requirement. She also assists the Program Manager in coordinating the submission of beneficiaries’ reports and uploading them into the system for documentation of M&E purposes. In addition, she assists the Program Manager and Development Manager in developing the M&E system and is responsible for providing support to coordinate CE SAIN Agricultural Networking Program.

Prior to joining CE SAIN, Pisey experienced research activities and project assistance with both national and international partners by facilitating and coordinating their progress and reporting results. Pisey received her Bachelor’s Degree in Agronomy Science from the Royal University of Agriculture (RUA) and Undergraduate Exchange Program from the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, the Czech Republic