So Raksmey

So Raksmey

Agricultural Extension Officer

(+855)87 886 393

Ms. So Raksmey serves as the Agricultural Extension Officer for the Agricultural Technology Park of CE SAIN based in Phnom Penh. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Agronomy from the Royal University of Agriculture. She has experience as a volunteer Laboratory Assistant in the Soil Laboratory at the Faculty of Agronomy and had a chance to work for Junior Agronomy Consultancy with Horticulture Advancing Income and Nutrition (CHAIN), SNV, based in Kratie province. She first joined CE SAIN as an Intern at the Agricultural Technology Park (ATP) in Kampong Thom Province and was then promoted to an Agricultural Extension Officer.

In this role, Raksmey works directly with students and supports interns, and volunteers to conduct field activities and solve technical problems that occurred in the ATP. She supports the Provincial Agricultural Coordinator in developing technical leaflets, technical manuals, and other extension material of Sustainable Agricultural Intensification and Nutrition (SAIN) practice and engages partner institutions to promote the transfer of agricultural technologies