Sok Simean

Sok Simean

Provincial Agricultural Coordinator

(+855)93 531 693 / 97 357 7062

Mr. Sok Simean serves as the Provincial Agricultural Coordinator at CE SAIN.

He had deep experience in assisting and supporting project development and implementation. He has been a knowledgeable research assistant with experience carrying out day-to-day tasks and short and long-term activities. He is also skilled at using project materials and facilities and adapts to a variety of projects on actual sites. Simean successfully graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the Royal University of Agriculture in 2017 and a Master of Agriculture Science in Plant Production Sciences from Nagoya University of Japan.

Prior to his move to CE SAIN, his last employment was with a high-ranking rice milling and exporting company as a Senior Officer in the Department of Research & Development. He spent most of his time on desk research and partially moderated and monitored the project implementing activities in the fields.