Tal SokLy

Tal SokLy

Provincial Agricultural Coordinator


(+855)70 844 651

Mr. Tal Sokly serves as the Provincial Agricultural Coordinator (ATP) of CE SAIN. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Science of Agronomy from the Royal University of Agriculture (RUA), Cambodia. He is experienced in managing and coaching farmers to produce safe vegetables in Kampot and Takeo province with Alba Company from Oct 2017 – Aug 2018. For the responsibility at Alba Company, he needed to visit farmers 4 days per week to follow up with farmers and collect Field data. Furthermore, he needs to advise and guide farmers to use chemicals on their vegetables. In addition, he also prepared a work plan for farmers to sow seeds, transplant vegetables, and harvest. As a Research & Development with Alba, he needed to work with a technical team to find a solution for farmers in case they faced a problem during implementation.

Sokly’s duties at CE SAIN are responsible for day-to-day operations and maintenance of ATP and outreach activities in the respective provinces. PAC leads all farm research, demonstration, and outreach activities and maintains the CE SAIN model farms and good relationships with implementing partners and beneficiaries in the local communities. PAC also helps with the fairs, workshops, field visits, technical training, and promotion of the model farm being implemented by ATP to farmers, private sectors, and visitors. Also, provides assistance to visitors/researchers/US partners/students/interns when they carry out their activities at the ATP and build good relationships with farmers, collaborators, local authorities, and relevant stakeholders in the local community.