MoA Virtual Signing on enhancing the Agri-Tech Center of the Greenshoots Resource Organization under the framework of CE SAIN Mini-Agricultural Technology Parks

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The Center of Excellence on Sustainable Agricultural Intensification and Nutrition (CE SAIN) of the Royal University of Agriculture (RUA), and the Greenshoots Resource Organization (GRO) of the Greenshoots Resource Foundation conducted a virtual ceremony to sign a Memorandum of Agreement to cooperate in enhancing the sustainable agricultural intensification technology demonstration and student engagement at the Agri-Tech Center of GRO under the framework of CE SAIN Mini-Agricultural Technology Parks.

The Agri-Tech Center aims to demonstrate models of sustainable farming to the local community including farmers and students. To synergize these activities, CE SAIN responded by providing complementary support, both technical suggestions and funding, to establish and maintain sustainable farming practices and outreach activities with the communities including farmers and students at the Agri-Tech Center under the framework of CE SAIN Mini-Agricultural Technology Park.


CE SAIN is established to foster private-sector innovation, agricultural research, education, training and extension, and public-sector capacity building through improved collaboration and knowledge sharing. This new collaboration between CE SAIN and GRO serves to increase the capacity building and involvement of students and farmers toward sustainable agriculture in Cambodia.

The MoA was officially signed by Dr. Hok Lyda (on the right side of the photo), Center Director of CE SAIN, and Ms. Muneezay Jaffery (on the left side of the photo), Program Manager of GRO.

The representatives of both CE SAIN and GRO are committed to joining hands by signing this MoA and are ready to cooperate and implement the joint activities for a fruitful collaboration together.

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