SWITCH to Solar: New partnership with CE SAIN to start rolling out

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Adding on to the current network of the #SWITCHtoSolar project, we are excited to partner with the Center of Excellence on Sustainable Agricultural Intensification and Nutrition (CE SAIN) of the Royal University of Agriculture in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) virtual signing ceremony was conducted on 10th August, 2021 to establish the cooperation between CE SAIN and the consortium of the SWITCH to Solar project. Both parties intend to strengthen further the awareness-raising and promotion of productive use of solar technologies in agriculture, fisheries, and aquaculture sectors.

The SWITCH to Solar project is funded by the European Union through the EU SWITCH-Asia Programme and the Czech Republic through Czech Development Agency. SWITCH to Solar is implemented across 5 provinces in Cambodia by 3 partners; People in Need (PIN) Cambodia, Sevea Consulting, and EnergyLab Cambodia. The project aims to contribute to sustainable and inclusive economic growth in rural Cambodia by reducing the environmental impacts of MSMEs and consumers’ energy consumption and generating green employment opportunities in the Agriculture and Fisheries sector. Having CE SAIN as an addition to the team will help us achieve greater results in outreaching MSMEs in the agriculture and fisheries sector, and raising their awareness on the advantages of using Solar Technologies. Together, we can always go further.

“With our shared goal in bringing solar technologies to the next level, we are glad to establish the first ever partnership with CE SAIN. This joint effort enables us to share study results and technical experiences on solar technologies development. I believe this partnership will elevate opportunities to raise awareness on using affordable and highly productive solar technologies for individuals and MSMEs in Agri-fishery communities. We intend to bring more local networks through the existing Agricultural Technology Parks (ATPs) of CE SAIN.”-Hugo Agostinho, SWITCH to Solar Program Manager, PIN Cambodia

To date, solar technology is growing with the ongoing demand from various sectors, especially with the continuous development of Cambodia’s agriculture and fisheries sector. CE SAIN’s work is to improve food and nutritional security in Cambodia through supporting to research and development and promote agricultural innovation. The center has partnered with Feed the Future Innovations Labs and other stakeholders to provide a platform for researchers, scientists, and practitioners to demonstrate their innovative technologies for relevant target groups. This partnership is the next step that brings innovative solar technologies forward. The integration between the SWITCH to Solar consortium and CE SAIN will allow a better exchange of information, ideas, and expansion of more extensive networks.

This partnership covers a few aspects of SWITCH to Solar project. Both parties will work closely to link the SWITCH to Solar project activities with current projects/programs of CE SAIN in Cambodia. With CE SAIN’s existing ATPs at the Royal University of Agriculture (RUA), and in multiple provinces such as Battambang, Kompong Cham, Kompong Thom, and Siem Reap, the SWITCH to Solar project will productively and strategically demonstrate solar technologies and promote them amongst agriculture and fisheries MSMEs in the country.

“Our ATPs are established to showcase agricultural best management practices and serve as a learning platform, a research farm, an internship venue, a synergy program with partners, and a private sector engagement platform. This partnership allows ATPs to add technical demonstration of solar technologies from the SWITCH to Solar project and extend the potential of these promising technologies to our networks”, Lyda Hok, Center Director of CE SAIN. “We are delighted to join efforts for better Agri-fishery communities in Cambodia,” He added.

CE SAIN and the SWITCH to Solar consortium will mutually push for both offline and online awareness-raising campaigns on the importance of solar technologies to relevant students and public and private institutions. It will indeed create a more significant channel that could potently increase awareness about the project’s relevance to a broader range of audiences. Together with our partners, we can showcase the benefits of solar technologies through multiple media platforms and networks such as Facebook, Website, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Telegram channel.

Our existing channels:

Facebook pages: People in Need CambodiaSWITCH to Solar EnergyLab CambodiaSeveaCE SAIN Cambodia

Websites: People in Need GlobalSWITCH to SolarEnergyLabSeveaCE SAIN

For more inquiries, please contact:

  • Hugo AGOSTINHO, SWITCH Program Manager, People in Need Cambodia

Email: hugo.agostinho@peopleinneed.cz

  • Johanna LEGARTA, Communications Manager, People in Need Cambodia

Email: johanna.legarta@peopleinneed.cz

  • Hok Lyda, Center Director, CE SAIN

Email: hoklyda@rua.edu.kh

  • Nov Sina, Senior Communications Officer, CE SAIN

Email: nsina@rua.edu.kh

This press release was produced by People in Need (PIN) Cambodia with support from CE SAIN Cambodia.

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