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Chea Vina

Chea VinaIn the future, he believes that al these experiences will help him with his career and succeed in his life

“Working for six months and a half as an ingerm at the Agricultural Technology Park (ATP) of CE SAIN in batambang I have gined the knowledge of agricultural technologies that apply at the park Iaso have the chances join short sainings rebd o pt management dhicn ag fh ning frog ringand mnmene said Chea Vin a fourth year student majoring la Horticulture from University of Battambang

Ms Sim Chanthorn

Ms Sim ChanthornFarmworker, CE SAIN intern and farmworkers show interests in working and learning at Battambang Agricultural Technology Park (ATP).

Got inspired by agricultural cechnologies at the ATP and I practiced growing some vegetables and raising chicken at my home garden.” said Ms Sim Chanthorn, farmworker

Sa Ro

Sa RoNow I can run my own farm. I also know how to do work plan and budget plan. These are the extra knowledge I have gained fromorking as an intern in the Agricultural Technology Park.

He joined CE SAIN Internship Program for a period of sbe months at Battambang Agricultural Technology Park (ATP). Hs ask at the AATP we mainly focus on operimenc on pig and chideen fending by soybean