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Video Collections

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June 23-25,2022

April 13, 2021

CE SAIN Thesis Research Support Program

April 13, 2021

Living Fences: Advantages in Agriculture

April 13, 2021

A Successful Case Study of Phong Saret’s family farming business

April 13, 2021

CE SAIN/ESP Scholarship Gives Hope to the Three Cambodian Students

April 13, 2021

Center of Excellence on Sustainable Agricultural Intensification and Nutrition

May 12 2021

BHEARD/CE SAIN Winning Project: Veggi-Transplanter

Dec 11,2020

CE SAIN Thesis Research Awardee in Agronomy

Jan 28,2021


2022 SIIL Annual Meeting in Cambodia

Mar 15,2021

Kroesna’s Internship in Aquaculture

Jan 28,2021

F2F Cambodia Project Develops New Models for Digital Extension to Promote Rainy Season Tomatoes

May 12,2021

BHEARD/CE SAIN Winning Project: iGreenSYNERGY®

May 12,2021

BHEARD/CE SAIN Winning Project: PhallChangrit

May 12,2021

BHEARD/CE SAIN Winning Project: Lm-Drone

Aug 10,2021

The Benefits of Sheep Blood for Veterinary Research

Agu 23,2021

Congratulations to our master scholar, Chork Rotha, on completing thesis defense successfully!

Sep 22,2021

CE SAIN 5th Anniversary Celebration

Oct 20,2021

CE SAIN 5th Anniversary Video with Subtitle

April 13, 2021

Video Case Study: Bridging CE SAIN awardee to a graduate degree in Animal Nutrition